When We Talk About Feline Behavior, Does Their Tail Have a Say? 

Contrary to popular opinion, cats know exactly what they want and how to get it. Using incredibly direct, yet bafflingly subtle, tactics they appeal to our generous natures for affection, attention, and occasional treats in exchange for a little human-feline conversation. 

While we don’t share the same language, we can definitely understand cats better when we pay close attention to feline behavior. And in order to do that, we must recognize the power of the tail!


The Dangers Of Dental Disease in Pets 

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions affecting pets over the age of three, but when it starts there are usually no obvious signs and symptoms. Once it advances, it can devastate your pet’s mouth, causing chronic pain, infected gums, tooth and bone loss – hardly the state we want for our best fur friends! 

Fortunately, dental disease is preventable. Fairview Veterinary Hospital is here to warn you about the dangers of dental disease in pets, and how to take care of your dog or cat’s oral health. 

It Starts With A Pet Dental Exam

One of the reasons we advocate for annual wellness exams is that they allow us to see what’s going on inside your pet’s mouth. Although we won’t be able to see everything (many problems occur below the gumline), we can give you some pointers for brushing at home and various helpful products like dental diets, chews, and rinses. 


Fairview Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2019 

The winter holiday season has drawn to a close, and our thoughts have turned to the year ahead. Where will we focus our energy and time? What worked well for us in 2019, and what do we want to change moving forward in 2020? 

These and other important questions abound, such as, how will we help our pets to feel their best and remain safe and happy? This last question is one that Fairview Veterinary Hospital can assist with, in more ways than one.

True, we love seeing your pets regularly and believe exams are critical to their health and wellbeing. We also love to share relevant and helpful information in our pet care blog

Writing and publishing this blog is our pleasure, and we hope it gives pet owners some informative tips and even sometimes a dose of fun and silliness. At the end of the year, we are looking back to share with you our top blogs of 2019. Enjoy!

Fairview Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2019


Are Vaccinations for Indoor Pets Really Necessary?

If your pet resides solely in the safety of the bubble of your home, it is not a stretch to question how necessary vaccinations truly are. After all, why would you need to protect your pet if they are never exposed to anything?

Read on as Fairview Veterinary Hospital breaks down the age-old question as to whether vaccinations for indoor pets are really necessary.

In Short, Yes

As trusted medical professionals, we know that most of our clients trust us when we say that vaccinations for indoor pets are necessary. It doesn’t hurt to know why, though! There are some very good reasons that indoor pets need protection, too.


Dealing with Pet Loss During Holidays

The loss of a beloved pet is never easy, but it can be made more challenging during the holidays. With the “holly jolly” songs, fast paced frenzy, and obligations, grief can feel contradictory to the merriment of the season.  But there are ways to be true to your emotions and make the holidays a time for you to honor your pet, remember the wonderful memories, and find meaning and comfort.

Your friends at Fairview Veterinary Hospital understand the emotions that come with losing a pet companion. It’s especially important to have good supports in place and healthy ways to appreciate the memories, and create new ones, too.


Avoid A Fright On Halloween Night: Halloween Safety For Pets

Tricks, treats, jack-o-lanterns, and witches! Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for humans and many pet owners like to include their pets in the fun! Many of us simply go all out on this spook-tacular holiday. But not everyone – humans and pets alike – find all the goblins and ghouls so thrilling. 

Luckily, with our best tips, Halloween safety for pets can be a breeze. 


The Good Wait: Veterinary Hospital Lobby Etiquette

A black and white dog on her owner's lap sitting next to a cat, wearing an Elizabethan collar, in a pet carrier show proper veterinary lobby etiquette

During a busy day, the veterinary hospital lobby here at Fairview can be hectic. Pets are being checked in for their annual exams, ill pets are here waiting for treatment, and tensions can sometimes run high in all of this. It’s safe to say, there is no “usual” day at a clinic.

One thing we do know is that good lobby etiquette among pet owners and staff make an enormous difference in keeping things smooth and relaxed. Good manners even helps our small patients, especially those in pain or dealing with chronic conditions. Here are some things to keep in mind in practicing great hospital lobby etiquette.


Medical Problems in Cats that Feline Fans Should Know About

A man holds his cat while looking at his phone

Cat lovers won’t hesitate to confirm that the feline species is pretty perfect. Like it or not, however, cats are biological beings and susceptible to the constraints of a physical body. They can succumb to many of the same diseases and conditions as other species.

While medical problems in cats are not totally avoidable, there are certainly things that us cat lovers can do to help them live out their nine lives well. Understanding the common conditions diagnosed in cats and what to do to avoid or manage them can help our feline friends have long, happy lives.


A Bundle of Joy: Helpful Hints for Introducing Your Pet to Your New Baby

If you’re getting ready to bring home a new baby, chances are your life is full of planning for how to make this transition run as smoothly as possible. Amidst the birth planning, gathering all the essentials, and taking care of yourself, you may be wondering how your pets will adjust to a new baby as well. 

A new baby can be exciting for everyone, but for pets, it may also cause some anxiety. Pets are creatures of habit, and any change in their routine may be stressful for them. When it comes to this process, it’s smart to start early! Planning and preparation are key.

To that end, Fairview Veterinary Hospital has helpful hints for introducing your pets to your new baby. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us


Thunderstorms, Fireworks, and Noise Anxiety in Pets

For many pets and their owners, summer brings a mix of delight and dread. It’s wonderful to be outside enjoying the warm weather, but the rumble of an approaching storm or the explosion of a fireworks display can send even the calmest pet into a frenzy of fear.

Prolonged periods of anxiety can cause pets to act out in destructive ways and will ultimately affect their physical and mental well being.

The team at Fairview Veterinary Hospital wants you and your pet to enjoy summer without all the worry. We’re here to help you develop a plan to combat noise anxiety in pets once and for all.