Keep Your Days Merry And Bright With Holiday Pet Safety

Holidays with pets

Halloween has come and gone and inevitably our thoughts are beginning to turn to the winter holidays ahead – and their promises of feasts, family, and fun. Our four-legged family members surely sense the excitement in the air, but it’s easy to overlook the need for a little extra TLC where pets concerned. Before you start decking the halls and planning your menu, take a look at our holiday pet safety reminders.

Holiday Pet Safety In The Kitchen

High-calorie indulgences are an important part of the holidays, but keep in mind that many of our favorite goodies can be harmful to pets.

Never leave the following out for your pet to get their paws on:

  • Chocolate

  • Xylitol sweetened candies or baked goods

  • Onions/garlic

  • Alcohol

  • Grapes/raisins

  • Fatty poultry skin or meat

If you know or suspect your pet has gotten into something they shouldn’t have, please give us a call or call the ASPCA Poison Helpline.

Decoration Don’ts

Traditional holiday decorations can be irresistible temptations for pets, and can cause plenty of trouble for them (and you) as well. Keep the following in mind when it comes to all of the holiday bells and whistles:

  • Tinsel, ribbon, wrapping paper, glass ornaments, and electrical string lights can land a curious pet in hot water

  • Trees are often sprayed with pesticides or chemical preservatives, which can leach into the water in the tree stand

  • Pine needles can cause significant gastrointestinal distress if eaten

  • Your pet may open holiday gifts before you do if you don’t keep them out of reach

  • Holiday plants such as mistletoe, amaryllis, poinsettia, christmas cactus, and lilies can be toxic to pets if eaten

The Wonderful World Of Pet Anxiety

Enjoying time with family and friends is a wonderful part of the holiday season, and for a social pet this influx of people is no biggie. Shy or anxious pets, however, may feel differently about new people in the home, and a change in the daily routine.

Strive to keep your pet’s feeding, walk, and playtime schedule as close to normal as possible during the holidays, and make sure they get plenty of exercise each day to help reduce stress and anxiety. A doggie daycare, pet sitter, or even a few hours in a quiet room of the house can do wonders for a pet that has trouble with visitors.

Weather Warnings

Pennsylvania weather is notoriously unpredictable during the winter, and storms and other inclement weather can come on fast. Make sure you have a plan in place for your family and pet in case of power outages or severe storms, and make sure pets stay safe during the winter months by keeping them indoors as much as possible or providing warm and dry shelter outdoors.

Your friends at Fairview Veterinary Hospital wish you, your family, and your pet a wonderful holiday season! As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with your concerns regarding holiday pet safety, or with any other questions you may have.