Hospital-Quality Spays and Neuters

Q: Why do we  Spay~Neuter pets?  When is the best time to do the surgery?  

A: • Pets Spayed~Neutered before 6 months of age are typically better behaved and less likely to run away.

• Pets Spayed~Neutered before 6 months of age cannot add to pet over-population.

• Pets Spayed~Neutered before 6 months of age have dramatically lower risk of reproductive cancers.

    • Pets that are Spayed~Neutered cannot develop ovarian cancer (girls) or testicular cancer (boys)
    • Girl pets that are spayed before their first heat cycle have a 95% reduced risk of breast cancer
    • Boy pets that are neutered before 6 months of age have nearly zero risk of prostate cancer
    • Pets that are Spayed~Neutered have dramatically lowered risk of reproductive infection.
      • The risk of uterine infection (pyometra) is eliminated in girl pets that have their uterus removed
      • The risk of prostate infection is nearly eliminated in boy pets that are neutered
      • Girl pets that are Spayed will not go through repeated heat cycles which can be messy (dogs) and behaviorally distruptive (cats)

• Boy pets that are Neutered are less likely to exhibit humping (dogs) and urine spraying (cats)

• For Giant Breed Dogs Dr. Scott will discuss the Pros/Cons of sterilization at 12-14 months of age 

Q: Why is our Low Cost Spay~Neuter Safer than a Shelter?

A:  We believe in Safety First ~ Always!  We typically perform only 2 to 3 surgeries per day. Each of our patients has their own steam sterilized instrument pack. We have Hospital Grade Biosecurity. Your pet has a dedicated recovery assistant. And your pet is cared for by Dr. Scott and our experienced pet care team that you already know and trust!  

Unlike Shelters,  we do not perform assembly line surgery…we do not use cold liquid cleaned instruments… your pet is not alone during recovery…we do not have volunteers assisting in surgery or recovery.  In three words: Safety First ~ Always!

Q: When is my pet’s Spay~Neuter the lowest cost possible?

A:  The most affordable time to have your pet Spayed~Neutered is when they are under 6 months of age.        

Q: Why does Spay~Neuter surgery increase in cost after 6 months of age?

A:  After 6 months of age a pet goes through puberty and has anatomic changes that increase surgical complexity. Plus risk factors of infectious disease and illness occur after 6 months of age. Thus, for your pet’s safety, we perform additional age-appropriate tests before your pet’s surgery.  Save money by having your pet Spayed~Neutered before 6 months of age!