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The bedrock of any successful business is, of course, the people. Without the friendly, caring, and compassionate folks that keep us going strong each day, our medical expertise and years of experience wouldn’t have as much impact.

Indeed, our team strives each day to help animals in our ever-growing community. We are rewarded tenfold for our efforts with enthusiastic tail wags, face licks, purrs, and head bumps. To the pet owners of Erie, Pennsylvania, we thank you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your companion.

We also want to thank you for reading our pet care blogs. Each month, we discuss topics and address common questions facing many pet owners. From dispelling myths to raising awareness, our pet care blogs are meant to help and inform readers.

Fairview Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2018

With the good feelings of the holidays fresh in our minds, we want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude. Thank you for being the owners your pets deserve, and thank you for committing to their lifelong needs. And a special thank you for educating yourself via our pet care blogs!

So now, here are the top 5 pet care blogs of the year:

Pups in Summer

#5: Tipping the Scales: Protecting Overweight Pets From Obesity
With the holidays behind us (how did that happen so fast?), many people are looking ahead to 2018. Maybe we want to eat better, exercise more, or just become more fit overall. As we think about our own health, why not take your pet’s weight and health into account, as well? There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to take stock. Read more….

#4: Much Ado About Canine Flu
One of the more exciting, yet challenging, aspects of veterinary medicine is that nothing stays the same. Things are always changing, whether it be the introduction of a promising pharmaceutical to the market, the publication of a study that sends us in a new direction, or the emergence of a previously unknown disease. Keep reading…

#3: The Critical Reality – and Importance – of Pet Parasite Prevention
Parasites. The word alone gives most people the creeps. No one wants to play host to a blood-sucking bug, but most animals in the wild aren’t able to defend themselves against parasites. Whether internal or external, we can all agree that parasite prevention is important for the pets we know and love. Without a proactive, diligent approach, serious health problems may be the outcome of this costly gamble. Continue reading….

#2: Canine Parvovirus: Deadly But Preventable
At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, few things make us more sad than a sick puppy…the only exception being a sick puppy who we could have protected from getting sick in the first place. Canine parvovirus is nothing to take lightly, but dog owners who take the time to learn a little bit about it can do a lot to protect their pet. Read more…

#1: Planning Ahead for Fall Pet Safety
Changing leaves, crisp breezes, and pumpkin-spiced everything are just a few of the reasons we love fall. Pets also enjoy the cooler temps and interesting smells in the air this time of year. But beware! Seasonal dangers can put them at risk. Fortunately, with our fall pet safety tips, you can keep their tails wagging and avoid an unwanted scare. Read on!

Happy New Year!

At Fairview Animal Hospital, we offer specific services tailored for individual pets.

The passion and dedication of Erie, Pennsylvania pet owners never ceases to amaze us. We already love our jobs, but you make the experience that much more enjoyable!

In 2019, we look forward to continuing to deliver the highest level of veterinary care possible. May the coming year be full of smiles, adventures, and good health!

From all of us at Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your pet a happy, healthy new year!