Practicing fall pet safety is a great keep your pet safe.Changing leaves, crisp breezes, and pumpkin-spiced everything are just a few of the reasons we love fall. Pets also enjoy the cooler temps and interesting smells in the air this time of year. But beware! Seasonal dangers can put them at risk. Fortunately, with our fall pet safety tips, you can keep their tails wagging and avoid an unwanted scare.

Halloween Hazards

The best way to enjoy Halloween with your pet is to make sure they stay safe!

  • Treats – Most owners know to keep chocolate away from their pets, but other types of sugary treats can also be harmful. Sugar-free options aren’t safe either, as they may contain xylitol (a sugar substitute that’s highly toxic to pets). Play it safe, and keep all candy out of your pet’s reach.  
  • Costumes – There’s no doubt that your pet looks adorable in a Halloween costume, but dressing up isn’t appropriate for all pets. When choosing a costume for your fur friend, make sure that it’s comfortable and allows for freedom of movement. Be sure not to cover the face and avoid anything with buttons or other small pieces that could accidentally be swallowed. Also, if your pet just seems miserable in their costume (ears down, tail tucked, etc.), don’t force them to wear it.  
  • Decor – It’s important to take wagging tails, curious noses, and your pet’s chewing habits into consideration when it comes to Halloween decorations. Avoid stringed items, lit candles, loose potpourri, and anything with small parts that can be chewed or swallowed.
  • Stranger danger – While all those tiny princesses and superheroes on the front porch are adorable, not all pets enjoy the endless parade of strange faces that accompany Halloween night. Give your pet a safe place to relax and escape the chaos, such as a quiet bedroom. Add a fan or turn on some background noise to help drown out all the commotion.  

Fall Pet Safety

Falling temperatures can make outdoor time more enjoyable for pets, but be mindful of certain seasonal toxins that can be harmful (or even fatal) to animals. For example, the use of rat/mouse poison tends to ramp up in the fall. Unfortunately, these chemicals are highly toxic to pets and should be used with extreme caution and stored securely out of reach.

Antifreeze poses another serious danger to pets. The sweet odor and taste can be tempting to dogs and cats, but even a couple teaspoons is enough to cause kidney failure and death. Clean up any antifreeze spills immediately, and store tightly-capped, unused portions in a locked cabinet. To be safe, always supervise your pet while outdoors.

If you have additional questions regarding fall pet safety, please give us a call. From all of us at Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your pet a happy, safe, cozy fall!