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Fairview Veterinary Hospital Fairview Veterinary Hospital

Phone:  (814) 474‑1504 Address: Fairview, PA

The Friendliest, Most Helpful, & Most Experienced Veterinary Team in the Region

Enjoy Your Pet’s Great Smile

Are you concerned about a symptom of dental disease in your pet’s mouth?

Do you want to learn how to provide your pet effective dental home care between dental cleanings?

Do you want your pet to have referral quality dental care provided within your budget at hometown prices?

Are you seeking our region’s most experienced dental veterinarian to care for your pet’s oral health?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then Dr Scott Johns’ Regional Veterinary Dental Center in Fairview PA and Erie PA are the best places for your furry best friend’s dentistry!

Our friendly, helpful pet dental team is welcoming new clients and patients to our practice. Dr Johns has 5 years of post–doctoral pet dentistry training plus 25 years of clinical dental experience including thousands of dental cases.

During your pet’s dental exam, Dr. Johns will sit down with you and listen to your concerns. Listening is at the heart of understanding you and your pet’s dental needs. Based upon those needs, Dr. Johns will design care options that fit within your budget.

Experience high–quality and affordable pet dental care provided by the most experienced dental team in our region. Our focus is on keeping your pets happy, healthy, and smiling. Still, if your pet has any kind of dental concern then you can be sure that we have the expertise, experience, technology, and full service dental repertoire needed for the occasion. Thank you for choosing us!

  • "Dental Consult Online™"
  • The tri–state’s most affordable and most advanced pet dental practice
  • Care for pets with bad breath or mouth pain (Prophylaxis: Thorough professional tooth cleanings)
  • Care for stomatitis (Identifying the underlying cause of painful stomatitis so that it can be treated appropriately and into remission)
  • Care for un–savable teeth (Exodontics: Tooth extraction)
  • Care for bone infection around the tooth roots (Periodontics: Dental cleaning, Prophylaxis, Gingival surgery, Periodontal surgery)
  • Care for fractured, chipped, or worn teeth (Endodontics: Vital canal and root canal surgery to save teeth, Exodontics to extract un–salvagable teeth)
  • Restoring structurally damaged teeth (Prosthodontics: Fabricated protective crowns in white, stainless steel, or gold colors)
  • Care for incorrect bite and tooth alignment (Orthodontics: Dental braces to re–position teeth that are causing self–trauma)
  • Care for oral tumors (Oral surgery: Maxillectomy and mandibulectomy for locally aggressive benign tumors or cancerous tumors)
  • Oral surgery for complicated problems including palatal defects, oro-nasal fistulas, retained roots, imbedded foreign bodies, and more.

Dedicated to your pet’s dental health and happiness

Our friendly, helpful, and experienced dental team is eager to discuss your dental questions and concerns. Contact us today to ask us your questions and learn more. Thank you for choosing us!