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Fairview Veterinary Hospital Fairview Veterinary Hospital

Phone:  (814) 474‑1504 Address: Fairview, PA

The Friendliest, Most Helpful, & Most Experienced Veterinary Team in the Region

Low-Cost PreventiveCare for Cats and Dogs

  • Affordable Wellness Exams: A periodic physical exam by Dr Scott Johns is the most important key to your pet’s wellness care, because it is where we detected problems before complications have developed. We offer wellness exams that fit within your pet care budget. Enjoy the savings every visit!
  • Vaccines are the second most important key to your pet’s health. Our philosophy is to perform core vaccines plus offer optional vaccines for diseases that fit your pet’s lifestyle risks. This assures your pet is protected from disease they may contact, while ensuring that your pet is not over–vaccinated (which can cause immune–mediated disease). Simultaneously, you do not waste money on un–necessary vaccines.
    • Distemper Parvo Adeno (core)
    • Rabies (core)
    • Lyme (core)
    • Bordatella
    • Influenza 2-strain H3N2 + H3N8
    • Leptospirosis 4-strain

    • Distemper Rhino Calici (core)
    • Rabies (core)
    • Leukemia
    • Bordatella
  • Dental Care is the third most important key to giving your pet the gift of a long, healthy, and happy life. Our unique tooth brushing technique and “Free Toothbrushing Kit™” will get your pet started on the path to a lifetime of dental health. We will help you “enjoy your pet’s great smile™”.
  • Periodic Intestinal Worm Treatment and Testing so parasites are treated before they cause illness.
  • Flea–Tick Preventive to reduce parasitism, to reduce the risk of blood–borne infections including Lyme and Bartonella, and to reduce the risk of flea–allergy caused skin infections.
  • Heartworm Preventive to prevent this serious illness that causes heart and vascular damage.
  • “Low Cost Hospital Quality Spay~Neuter™”: We cut the price but kept all the safety features…including excellent pain control protocols during and after your pet’s surgery. Plus your pet has a dedicated recovery assistant. Spaying~Neutering is essential so that your pet does not develop reproductive organ disease or cancer later in life. It also ensures that your pet does not add to the pet over–population problem. Finally, Spaying~Neutering reduces the incidence of behavior problems.
  • Microchip ID helps bring lost pets home again. Every pet deserves a Microchip to have the best chance of getting home again after being lost.
  • Our recommended pet foods are Purina, Iams, Hills, and Rachel Ray because they are nutritious, have excellent safety records, and are easily available. If your pet needs a special food for an acute or ongoing illness then we will recommend Hills Prescription Pet Foods because they are the most medically advanced health foods available.

Dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness

Our friendly, helpful, and experienced team is eager to discuss your health questions and concerns. Contact us today to ask us your questions and learn more. Thank you for choosing us!

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