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Dr. Scott Johns, VMD

Scott Johns

It’s been said that Dr. Johns, known to his clients as "Dr. Scott" or “Dr. J”, had been in training to become a veterinary doctor since he was a young boy. Dr. Scott’s father, a revered and gifted veterinarian, founded our practice in 1975.

Early in his youth, before he was helping his father on farm calls and by cleaning kennels, Dr. Scott was busy saving and helping tadpoles, frogs, salamanders, fireflies, injured birds, cats, and dogs in the Girard, PA neighborhood where he grew up. He avidly watched “Wild Kingdom” every Sunday night and built a library of field guides and books about the animals that he studied.

One of his earliest memories was making the goal to learn about every animal species on earth. Meanwhile, he was busy learning art from his mother, playing the trumpet, singing in chorus, studying karate, and attaining the highest level FCC amateur radio license.

After graduating from Girard High School, Dr. Scott attended Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He graduated from Allegheny with a BS in Biology and, most importantly, with a solid liberal arts education that further nurtured and developed the keen sense of curiosity that Dr. Scott has for the world around him. Upon applying to veterinary school, he was accepted at both Tufts University and University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Dr. Scott chose to pursue his veterinary doctorate at Penn in Philadelphia, PA and graduated with his VMD degree in 1992. After graduation, he joined his father's practice, Fairview Veterinary Hospital near Erie, PA, where, as father and son, they became a highly admired veterinary team in the tri-state region.

In addition to completing five years of post-doctoral studies in veterinary dentistry under the mentorship of some of the world's leading veterinary dental specialists, Dr. Scott also founded the Regional Veterinary Dental Center, where he has excelled in the practice of veterinary dentistry. His most interesting dental cases have included consulting on the dental care of pets as far away as Australia, caring for a high-level Schutzhund working-dog from Texas, and providing endodontic care for a rescued Eastern Mountain Lion named Willy.

Dr. Scott has served the veterinary profession twice as President of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and has provided many radio and television interviews over the years to educate the public regarding pet care. As a regional leader in his profession, Dr. Scott has “paid it forward” by mentoring many pre-veterinary college students from Allegheny College, Mercyhurst University, Penn State, and Gannon University. He also provides externships for 4th-year veterinary medical students. In his spare time, Dr. Scott is an avid amateur radio operator, a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League, and is known in that community as a world expert on HF international communication station and antenna design.

Today, Dr. Scott leads our team of veterinary technicians, receptionists, assistants, groomers, and pre-veterinary student preceptors to be the best that they can be. Most of all, Dr. Scott is dedicated to helping well, ill, and rescued pets, one quiet and thoughtful appointment at a time, to be the healthiest and happiest that they can be.